Monday, November 8, 2010

For selective eyes only

So this blog is only to be read by the lovely ladies of For some reason I have less of a problem sharing TMI with essential strangers than I do with people I know personally. I was about to put the link on my Facebook page but then I thought, "Are you freakin' nuts?!" There is no way I can let everyone on my friends list read what I wrote in even my first blog entry. I talk about sex, for crying out loud. Can't let my mother in law read that (Okay, so she's technically not my mother in law because I'm not married, but close enough). I don't know enough about this site to figure out how to make things "private" and I'm not really sure I want to because I want the JM ladies to be able to find it/read it. However I'm pretty sure that for some reason if someone wanted to search for my blog, they would find me right away. Hopefully though, I have no stalkers and the chances of that happening are pretty low.

I suppose I could always delete the first post and start all over again, not mentioning anything potentially embarrassing, but then what fun is that? I want to write about what I feel, and a lot of the time, what I feel is embarrassing. So, I apologize to the August 2010 PR, but you are my sole audience of this mindless dribble.

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