Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So, um.

The water is dark brown in my apartment. Again. I wish if they were going to work on the water that they would at least give us notice? Because it's kind of annoying not knowing why it's dirty or when it's going to be better. Or, the other (shitty) possibility is that my landlord/maintenance guy doesn't even KNOW it's brown, and that it's just my apartment. I certainly hope that's not the case because then I would have to call them, again, and I already do that just about once a week thanks to this lovely place and all it's fun happenings.

Either way, I can't take a shower. And I smell. I don't smell like BO or anything, but I'm sure I have spit up in my hair, and it's definitely on my clothes. I'm one of those people who HAS to shower every morning or I can't go anywhere. Even if I don't plan on going anywhere, I still have to shower. It makes me feel better. And I really did want to get out today, because it finally stopped raining (though it is 30 deg F) and J babe needs some fresh air. Oh well guess I'll just stay in my PJs and brew another pot of coffee.

...and clean up the pee that Jackson just deposited all over his nursery, including on his teddy bear's head. Poor teddy bear.


  1. I wish I could hang out with you in your apartment. and our babies could play. we wouldn't even have to talk to each other if you didn't want to, it would just be nice to have that option and have the presence of another human being that understands!

    I hope the water situation gets fixed quick. yuck!

  2. I know, I would love for us to live closer together! Ah well, being "cyber friends" is fine too, I suppose.

  3. The water situation sounds very upsetting, hope it gets fixed quickly! :)